What is Robot fish ?

Robot fish: Using artificial intelligence, Chinese scientists have created a robot fish that can eat microplastics in the ocean. A team of Chinese scientists from Sichuan University in southwest China said that this robot fish will one day clean microplastic waste from oceans around the world. Even if they are accidentally eaten by other fish … Read more

What is Access Point?

What is Access Point?  What is Wireless Access Point  is called (AP) in short, it is a networking hardware device, which is used for Wireless LAN Connectivity. That is, Access Point provides a wireless platform, by connecting to which you can connect to LAN or Internet.  Access Point can also be called a bigger form … Read more

What is email? and its uses

What is email?  Let us tell you that any letter which is sent through electronic medium is called email. Email means electronic mail, which was invented by Ray Tomlinson, an American programmer, in 1972 by sending a message between two computers.  Email is a way through which we can send messages to someone, send photos, … Read more

What is computer memory?

What is computer memory?  register memory :  Register memory is the smallest and fastest memory in the computer.  It is not part of the main memory and is located in the CPU in the form of registers, which are the smallest elements that hold data.  A register temporarily holds frequently used data, instructions and memory … Read more

What is a computer program? ,Career option in programming, types of programming and more :

What is a computer program?  The set of instructions given to the computer to get any particular task done is called a computer program.  If you want to get any work done by the computer, then you will have to give it commands in its own language i.e. Machine Language.  These instructions are written in … Read more

What is topology? and its uses .

What is topology?  The shape or layout of the network is called topology, the method of connecting different computers with a special technology and exchanging data between them is called topology.  It defines the structure of the network and how different devices in the network are interconnected.  Network topology is the way to connect different … Read more

What is Blockchain Technology and how does it work?

 You must have heard the name Blockchain, either while using the internet, from someone you know or from a close friend, because this name is seen or heard everywhere these days.  So in today’s article, we will try to explain Blockchain to you in very simple words, so that you can know what Blockchain is, … Read more

what is windmill ?

In earlier times, when electricity production was less, electricity was produced through wind mill or wind energy. The wind mill was invented in 1854 by Daniel Hallade of America.  Electricity is produced by converting mechanical energy into wind. The blades in the wind mill always rotate through the air in a clockwise direction. At present, Pawan Chakki is used very fast all over the world. If we talk about India, then Tamil Nadu.  In the state, electricity generation is done very rapidly through wind mills. Wind mill is a type of big fan like device which works by stopping the winds and generating electricity from it.

What is smart watch?  What are the features of smart watch?

 Hello friends, just by hearing the name Smart Watch it seems that this watch will be very smart. Yes friends, this watch is really very smart because it has many features which are not there in ordinary watches. That is why nowadays people prefer wearing smart watches more than ordinary watches.  Because not only this … Read more

What is share market? How to invest money in stock market?

The stock exchange was established in the year 1875.  Share market or stock market is a market where shares of many companies are bought and sold.  According to the market, due to changes and fluctuations in many things, the prices of shares also increase and decrease due to which some people here either earn a lot of money or lose all their money.  Buying shares of a company means becoming a partner in that company.  Due to which the growth of that company and its profit becomes your profit.  This profit and loss is monitored every second so that a strategy is employed to earn maximum money and minimize loss.

What is a podcast? How does it works ?

Podcast is a kind of blogging, just like we write articles and share it with people, podcast is also done in the same way. A podcast is like a divine or mobile app. In which we store any type of information in the form of audio and share all this information with people. In podcast, we can put our voice in the form of audio, just as we record any video in our mobile or camera, in the same way in podcasting, only our voice is recorded, then we can share it with everyone else. Can share with.

What is Electric Vehicle?And How Does It Works.

Vehicles that run on electricity are called Electric Vehicles (EVs).  Electric Vehicle Electric vehicle is known as EV.  There is no combustion engine in this type of electric vehicles, which run on petrol and diesel.  Electric Vehicle: The source of power in electric cars is the battery.  The battery is charged as is the fuel.  Electricity is stored in the battery.  This electric power of the battery is converted into mechanical power.