What is PDF file?,How to create a PDF file :

What is PDF file?

 The full form of PDF is Portable Document Format.  PDF is a file format developed by Adobe Company with the help of which a document can be transferred from one platform to another by placing elements like hyperlink, document, form etc.  PDF documents can be opened and edited by various software.

 After knowing what is PDF file, if you want to know how to make PDF, then this article is going to be best for you.  Because in this article we are going to tell you about different methods of creating PDF file.

How to create PDF file :

 There are many apps and websites available to create PDF online and offline in Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android.  If you are using Windows operating system and you want to convert the document to PDF with the help of free and inbuilt tools, then you can do so.  In this method you have to print the document.  And then select the PDF option in the printer.  In this way, you can convert any document of Windows 10 like image, document, picture, web page etc. into PDF.

 Like for example below we are going to convert a Word Document file into PDF.  To convert any computer file into PDF in this way, go to Computer Shortcut CTRL+P or File Option and click on Print option.

 Select PDF from Printer and go down and click on Print option.

 As soon as you click on the print option, Save As window will open in front of you, where you can save the converted print document in the computer by giving it a file name.

How to make a file PDF Computer File  :

 If you have a PDF file in your Windows computer and you want to convert it into a PDF file, then instead of using the built-in tools of Windows, you can convert the text document into PDF by changing the format of the file.

 For this, open the Word document in which you want to make PDF and go to the file and click on Save As option.

 File Menu in Windows 10

 Name the file and select “PDF” option from the drop down menu and click on Save to save the file.

Convert Multiple Files to Single PDF File :

 If you have multiple image files and you want to convert it into a single image file, you can do it from Windows File Explorer.

For this, first of all select all the files which you want to convert into a single PDF file, then right click and click on print.After that select “Microsoft Print To PDF” from Printer Windows and click on Print below. This way all your selected images will be converted into a single PDF file.