What is UTR Number? and How can we know the UTR number?

What is UTR Number?

 UTR whose full form is “Unique Transaction Reference” is called “Unique Transaction Reference” in Hindi and the special meaning of this UTR Number is a unique identification number. It is generated when a person makes a transaction through platforms like NEFT, RTGS.  If a person transacts money from one bank to another or transfers money to another person’s bank, then this UTR number contains the complete bank details of the first person as well as the second person such as the time of transaction, which date.  From which bank the transaction was done, whether the transaction was successfully transferred or not, that is, all these details can be obtained with the help of UTR Number.  UTR Number is very important, you must have come to know about these things but one important thing is that through this number, if there is any problem in your transaction like interruption or server down and at that time your payment is stuck.  So UTR Number is helpful in clearing your stuck payment.

What is the importance of UTR Number? 

 UTR Number is very important because it has become so important that with its help you can keep your financial transactions safe and it also helps you a lot in protecting yourself from fake transactions.  Through this number you can track the current status of your bank account.

 How can we know the UTR number?

 It is very simple to know the UTR number, know through easy methods-

 If you use any UPI App, you will get the UTR number in a very simple way. You have to open your old transaction history where you will easily see the UTR number.

 You can also know the UTR number by contacting customer care.  You will have to call the customer care number of your bank through which you can know the UTR number.

 You can find the UTR number in your bank passbook or bank account statement.  You will find only Ref in the bank statement.  No.  Have to look below.  There you will definitely get the UTR number.

 You can know the UTR number in a very simple way through online banking service.  First of all you have to visit the net banking website.  After logging in there, you will have to select the option of “Mini Statement” or “Account Passbook”, then you will easily know the UTR number.

How to know UTR number on PhonePe?

 Friends, if you want to know the UTR number on PhonePe, then first of all you have to open the PhonePe app.  After this you have to go to the history of the app on the phone.  After going to the history, you will see the details of all your old and new transactions.  Now click on any transaction for which you want to know its UTR number.  After clicking, you will see a Debited from, just below that you will know the UTR number.

How to find UTR number on Google Pay?

 First of all, friend, you have to open the Google Pay app, after opening it you have to come to History.  When the history will open, you will see many transactions, old and new, then click on any transaction of which you want to know the UTR number.  After clicking, all the details related to the transaction will appear in front of you, in which you have to pay attention only to the UPI Transaction ID.  UPI Transaction ID is called UTR Number on Google.  In this way you can easily find the UTR number in Google Pay app.

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