What is VFX? and How does it work?

What is VFX?

 VFX is a form of such advanced technology.  Which contributes a lot in editing videos and photos.  In recent times, it is being used a lot in videos and films.  It has such an amazing quality with the help of which such a scene can be created.  Which is difficult to even think about.  That is to say, it is used in those scenes in the video.  Which is very difficult or impossible to do in reality.  For example, showing aliens, showing dinosaurs, showing a big waterfall or doing any magic etc. things are possible only with the help of VFX.  Because you know that in today’s time dinosaur species have become extinct.  The dinosaurs we see in videos or movies.  They are edited through VFX only but look absolutely real.

 VFX has created a stir in the field of entertainment.  Meaning, with its help the video can be made more beautiful and attractive by changing the background of the video.

 At present it is used in almost every movie.  Its use saves both time and money.

 What is the full form of VFX?

 The full form of VFX is “Visual Effects”.  Its meaning in Hindi is “visual impact”.

What are the types of VFX?

 Some types of VFX are given below.  Let us know about them-

 1. Matte Painting-

 Matte Painting which is called matte painting in Hindi.  Here technology can create such a painting.  Which looks absolutely real.  That is, when some background has to be given in the movie.  Which do not exist in the present time.  Then with its help a painting is made and that scene is depicted as if it were real.

 2. Rigging-

 It is also known as Skeletal Animation.  With the help of this technology, the inanimate object in the movie appears.  Life is injected into them.  Meaning, with this technology, bone is inserted into the inanimate object due to which the inanimate object can move easily.

 3. Digital Animation-

 Digital Animation: In this the work is done digitally only.  With the help of this technology, various tasks can be done like creating graphics through computers, clearing movie scenes, etc.  Many types of 3D images are used in this.

 4. Motion Capturing-

 Motion Capturing which means to control the motion.  This technology can be called the best technology.  Because with its help the movements of people or objects can be shown on the screen in a very small form.

How does VFX work?

 VFX Software especially holds great importance in VFX.  Special effects are added to the scene with the help of software.  When the shooting process is completed by the actors.  Then that scene has to be edited in the computer to make it beautiful and attractive with the help of VFX Software, that is, the background of that scene is changed and any other elements are added.  Which is very difficult to connect with the ordinary method.  Which are imaginary but when seen, appear as real.

 You must have ever seen that when a Bollywood or Hollywood movie is being shot.  Then green or blue, curtains or screens are used in the background.  Green or blue screen is used to change the background and add effects.  Because of this, it is quite easy to change the background without any hassle.  Thus, with the help of VFX, any simple scene can be made even better by adding special effects as desired.

What are the benefits of VFX?

 The benefits of VFX.  We know some information about them through the following medium like-

 • Through VFX, a simple background can be changed into a beautiful and attractive background.

 • VFX provides many types of special effects.

 • VFX saves a lot of time and money.

 • The background given by VFX.  It seems absolutely real there.  Due to which the audience is also well entertained.

 • With the help of VFX, even dangerous scenes can be shot easily.  In earlier times, shooting such scenes was very difficult.  But VFX made it possible here.

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