what is OTG ? and how does it works :

what is OTG :  OTG is a type of USB cable which is used to connect additional hardware devices to the Android smartphone like keyboard, pen drive, mouse and other OTG supported devices can be connected to the smartphone.  The full name of OTG is OTG full form – on the go cable!  This is … Read more

What are Chatbots? and how does it works :

What are Chatbots?  Don’t worry, a chatbot doesn’t need to think like a robot having a personal conversation.  It is simply a computer program designed to answer questions.  Chatbots are made for real conversations.  When you ask a question and the chatbot knows the answer to that question, it answers immediately.  You can interact with … Read more

What is Kali Linux? and some benefits of it :

What is Kali Linux?  Kali Linux is a kind of operating system which is completely unique from other operating systems.  Where to go, here is an open source and Debian based operating system.  It is especially used in works like Penetration Testing, Security research, Computer forensic and Reverse engineering etc. but in today’s time it … Read more

What is CorelDraw? and all important information about it :

What is CorelDraw?  CorelDraw is a kind of graphic designing computer application.  It is quite famous here today, it is used in editing and designing graphics.  Besides, it has many features which are very helpful.  With the help of CorelDraw, logos and posters can also be created attractive.  It was manufactured by Corel Corporation in … Read more

What is a fax machine? and advantages of it :

What is a fax machine?  Fax Machine is a kind of electronic device.  Whose function is to send the document from one place to another.  It is especially used in business purposes because documents are sent electronically through it.  There is a special need for telephone network in this.  However, this process can also happen … Read more

What is Zoom App, complete information :

 Zoom app is a video meeting app, which provides chat and video calling facility, in this you can make conference call with 100 participants simultaneously and online class, online meeting etc. can be done through this app.  Zoom App is used to make Conference Video Call in which more and more people can be added, … Read more

What is Google Meet? advantage and disadvantages of Google meet :

What is Google Meet?  Google Meet is a video communication service launched by Google in the year 2017.  It was introduced by Google as a replacement for Google Duo which is used for video conferencing.  It works on Freemium model.  Freemium means Free + Premium i.e. its services can be used for free as well … Read more

What is modem? and How does a modem work?

What is modem? Modem is a hardware networking device which is used to change Analog Signal into Digital Signal and Digital Signal into Analog Signal.  In computer, data remains in digital form i.e. binary form 0 and 1, whereas in telephone line, data is in analog form.  Modem is used in computer to convert digital … Read more