What is ISDN? and some important information about ISDN .

What is ISDN?

 ISDN here is primarily a form of digital telephone network.  It is generally used for digital transmission of data and voice.  This means that there is a telephone based system here and it also provides internet service to the user.  ISDN can be specifically called a circuit switched telephone network system.

 This is P.S.T.N.  Same as line, but faster and ISP.  It is used to connect to the server itself.  It is a bit expensive, but allows to work very fast on the internet.  It is very suitable for regular users of the internet.  Its speed is up to about 64 Kbps.

 What is the full form of ISDN?

 The full form of ISDN is “Integrated Services Digital Network”.  Its Hindi meaning is “Integrated Service Digital Dissemination”.

History of ISDN-

 If we throw light on the history of ISDN, its history is quite ancient.  Here it is around 1988.  When ISDN was created by CCITT organization.  By 1990 it started being used commonly.  But then after 1990, there was a huge increase in its use and between 1990 and 2000, it worked as an internet service.  But even today ISDN is used in some places.

Tell the types of ISDN?

 There are two types of ISDN.  About which the following information has been displayed-

 1. BRI (Basic Rate Interface)-

 BRI whose full form is Basic Rate Interface.  It is often used on a small level.  Used in small places like home, office, company etc.  If you know about its connection, two B channels and one D channel are used in it.  And the minimum speed is around 128kbps and it is also of low cost.

 2. PRI (Primary Rate Interface)-

 PRI whose full form is Primary Rate Interface.  It is used on a large scale.  For example, it is used for internet connection in BPO, multinational companies etc.  Its maximum speed is 2.95 Mbps.  Due to which it is very helpful for big companies here.  In fact, it provides a high connection, reliable service and fast speed.

 What are the types of ISDN channels?

 There are two types of ISDN channels-

  •  B channel
  •  D channel

 1) About B channel-

 It is used for data and is actually called Bearer Channel.

 2) About D Channel-

 It is used for signal and control and is actually called Delta channel.


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