What is Zoom App, complete information :

 Zoom app is a video meeting app, which provides chat and video calling facility, in this you can make conference call with 100 participants simultaneously and online class, online meeting etc. can be done through this app.

 Zoom App is used to make Conference Video Call in which more and more people can be added, in this you can create a meeting link, and anyone can join your video meeting from this link, the video can be viewed in the Zoom meeting.  There is also a facility to turn off, so that you can turn off the video and keep the audio on, in this you can also set the schedule in any meeting, that is, at what time you want to hold the meeting on Zoom App.  You can select this.

Users get some features in the Zoom app.

 Team Chat – With this app you can do group chat, that is, you can chat with all your friends together.

 Channel – There is an option to create a channel in Zoom App, in this you can create your new channel.

Calendar – A calendar is available in this, so that you can schedule the meeting.

 Personal Meeting ID – You get a meeting ID in the Zoom app, and whenever you start a new meeting, anyone can join your meeting with this ID.

How to create account in Zoom App 2023 :

 In Zoom app, you can create an account with Email ID, in this you also get the option to login with Apple ID, Google Account and Facebook Account.

First of all, download and install Zoom App from Play Store in your mobile.

After installing the app, open it and click on Sign Up.

Then after entering the Birth Year, click on Continue.

Here you have to write your email address in Enter Your Email Address.

After this, a verification code will come on your email address, enter that verification code.

First Name – In this you have to write your name.

Last Name – You have to write your Last Name or Surname in this.

Password – You can enter whatever password you want to keep in Zoom App, only by entering this password you will be able to login to this app.

Create – After filling all these options, click on Create.

 Now your Zoom account will be successfully created.

How to use Zoom App :

 Using Zoom app is very simple, in it you get many features like New Meeting, Join, Schedule and Share Screen, Scan QR Code feature is also available in it, you can also change the meeting setting in Zoom App.  .

 New Meeting – With this option, you can start a new meeting in Zoom App and add participants to it, and can have a video meeting with all those people, and can also create a meeting link and share it.  I have already posted the complete information related to Zoom Meeting, you can read this post from here.

 Join – By clicking on this option, you can join any meeting by entering the meeting ID and any video meeting can also be joined by writing the name of the personal link.

 Schedule – If you want to schedule a Zoom App meeting, that is, you want to hold a meeting at a certain time, then by clicking on Schedule, you can select that date in Date, from what time do you want to start the meeting.  And in To you can select the time by which you want the meeting to end.

 Share Screen – To share the Zoom meeting screen, click on the Share Screen option here and after that you can share your screen by entering the meeting id.

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