what is windmill ?

In earlier times, when electricity production was less, electricity was produced through wind mill or wind energy. The wind mill was invented in 1854 by Daniel Hallade of America.  Electricity is produced by converting mechanical energy into wind. The blades in the wind mill always rotate through the air in a clockwise direction. At present, Pawan Chakki is used very fast all over the world. If we talk about India, then Tamil Nadu.  In the state, electricity generation is done very rapidly through wind mills. Wind mill is a type of big fan like device which works by stopping the winds and generating electricity from it.

What is the purpose of wind mill?

 As you were told that in earlier times, when the resources for power generation were not available, the wind mill was the only means by which electricity was produced. The only purpose of the wind mill was to generate wind energy.  To convert electricity into electrical energy, all the machines were installed in an open place. They looked like fans, but they stood like huge trees, which continuously rotated with the force of the wind like the blades of a fan.  As it rotated, electricity was produced.

Parts used in Pawan Chakki:

 Many types of materials are used to install the windmill, which we are going to explain in the following step by step.

 Tower :

 Tower is the main part of the wind mill which is installed at a height from the ground. In this, four types of iron rods are used which are firmly attached to the ground through cement. The higher these towers are raised  Their width keeps decreasing as we go, this is to build at a height to stop the wind completely.

 Fans(Blades) :

 The fans are fitted in the tower and keep rotating along with the speed of the wind. Due to their rotation, suitable machines run which generate electricity. This is also a very important part of Pawan Chakki which is used by big and big people.  Is connected through Blade.

 Rotary ;

 Fans are attached to the rotor itself which stops the velocity of the air, with the help of which the fans keep rotating. Its main function is to stop the velocity of the air and store energy which is later converted into electrical energy.  Is.

Generator :

The most important part in any wind mill is considered to be the generator because the work of converting kinetic energy into mechanical energy and later converting it into electrical energy is done by a generator only.

 Pump :

 Water is also used in some big Pawan Chakki. We use pumps to use them. The work of this pump is done to deliver water to the Pawan Chakki.

 Gear Box :

 Sometimes what happens is that the speed in the wind mill is not able to increase, hence to increase their speed, gear box is used so that their speed increases and more and more electrical energy is generated.

Advantages and disadvantages of wind mill :

 As you would know that if something happens then if it has benefits then it definitely has disadvantages also, similarly Pawan Chakki also has both the sides, hence in the following we are going to tell you about both the benefits and disadvantages.


  • If seen from environmental point of view, wind mill is considered a kind of friendly and clean system.
  • It is also considered a type of renewable energy source.
  • If the wind speed is good in any area, then once a wind mill is installed there, it will continue to provide you electricity.
  • The most special thing about the windmill is that it has a one time expenditure system, there is no need to spend money again and again.
  • The environment of the region can be kept clean and safe through wind energy.


  • If we talk about the shortcomings of a windmill, then to run it, a wind speed of at least 15 kilometers is required, which generally cannot be provided everywhere.
  • It is quite expensive due to which it is rarely used now.
  • If the wind speed is negligible then you may need some alternative support to operate the windmill.
  • Installing a windmill requires a large space, which may not be available to everyone every time.

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