What is WiFi Router?

What is WiFi Router?

 Router is a hardware networking device with the help of which packets coming in the network are transported from source to destination.

 In simple words, this radio broadcasts the data coming through the Internet to the network in the form of a single, through which we can easily connect any device.

Best 5(WiFi) Wireless Router for Home in India  :

 Buying a good router for home is not that difficult.  But only when we know which Wi-Fi router to buy.  So let us know without any delay.  About the best and cheapest router –

(1) Jio Fiber :

 You might be wondering why I have named Jio Fiber in the list of WiFi routers.  Let us tell you that whenever we buy a WiFi router.  Then, to use the internet, we have to get an internet connection from some local service provider.  Many times it happens that there is no local internet service provider in the city or village where we live.

 In such a situation, the best option for those people is to avail the service of Jio Fiber, today Jio Fiber is providing its service in every city and village of India.  Along with this, its internet speed is also good because Jio provides internet connection through fiber, which gives good internet connection at home.

 Apart from this, Jio Fiber is also giving free 30-day trial to its new customers as a special offer.  The customer can use the internet for free for one month to see whether he wants to continue the internet service or not.

 (2) Airtel Broadband :

 Like Jio Fiber, Airtel xStream Fiber also provides broadband service.  In such a situation, if Airtel broadband service is available in your city, you can take advantage of it.  There are many Airtel broadband plans available.  You can select any recharge plan according to your data usage and speed.

 Like Jio Fiber, in Airtel Broadband we also get many other options like WiFi Calling, Fixed Line with Unlimited calls, 24×7 Promised speed, 24×7 Customer support and Auto adjusting upload/download speed.  Airtel broadband is available in both prepaid and postpaid, starting at Rs 499/month with speeds of 40 MBPS.  Get all the plan information from the official website of Airtel.

 (3) TP-Link Archer C6 Gigabit MU-MIMO :

 TP-link is a very big company which makes many networking devices, it also comes with switches and AP (Access Point).  In Archer C6 Gigabit MU- MIMO, we will get Wi-Fi speed of 1200 Mbps with dual band which comes with 5 Gigabit ports and here 5 antennas have been used out of which 4 are installed outside and one inside the device.  We get coverage in the entire area.

 In this we also get to see Access Point mode, using which you can create a new Access Point for your network.

 You can buy it from Amazon, if you buy it through card then you will get a good discount.

 (4) Tenda AC10 Gaming Wi-Fi router :

 If you are thinking of buying a Gaming Wi-Fi Router, then Tenda AC10 from Tenda is a great device with the help of which you can connect 30 devices simultaneously.

 This is a smart device that comes with dual band in which Mu-MIMO technology has been used.  Along with this, we get 3 Lan ports and 1 Wan port.

 If you do gaming on YouTube then you will get its benefit there as it supports 2.4 GHz (300 Mbps) and 5 GHz(867 Mbps).

 (5) TP-Link Archer C20 :

 If you are looking for a simple device for your home then you should go with TP-Link Archer C20.  It supports 2.4 GHz (300 Mbps) and 5 GHz(433 Mbps).  In this you do not get bult-in modem.  For modem you will have to use POE switch.

 Also in this you can connect 5 devices or maximum 10 but then your internet speed will become slow, and all the devices will not get good internet speed.


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