What is smart watch?  What are the features of smart watch?

 Hello friends, just by hearing the name Smart Watch it seems that this watch will be very smart. Yes friends, this watch is really very smart because it has many features which are not there in ordinary watches. That is why nowadays people prefer wearing smart watches more than ordinary watches.

 Because not only this time, it can also easily monitor your fitness and the most important thing is that it is also fashionable, which makes your lifestyle easier to a great extent. That is why it becomes important to understand what a smart watch is?  What are the features of smart watch?

What is smart watch?

 It is a portable device specially designed to be worn on the wrist. martwatch has many features like smartphone like touchscreen application, Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio etc. Which are generally powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. There are some smart watches which work exactly like smart phones and have the same features as smart phones.

Scpme special  features of smart watch?

 1.Bluetooth Connectivity and Bluetooth Music Control :

 With this, you can easily control audio and video by connecting to any device via Bluetooth.

 2.Voice Recorder

 You can easily record your voice by pressing the voice recorder in smart watch.

 3.SIM-Card (Micro) Support

 Most of the smart watches support only micro SIM card so that you can easily use the calling function like calling someone, receiving someone’s call etc.


 Most smart watches are water proof so that you can wear them even while swimming or if it suddenly rains and you are getting drenched in rain water, then there is no danger to the smart watch.

5.Heart Rate Monitor

 Heart rate monitoring is based on photoplethysmography technology. When your heart beats, blood flows to your wrist and the absorption of green light is high.

 The sensor is designed to compensate for low signal levels by increasing both LED brightness and sampling rate. This is why the heart rate sensor on the back of the device flashes its LED lights hundreds of times per second, helping the device calculate heart rate accurately.


 Nowadays all smartwatches have an accelerometer. Such a component is required to determine the direction and movement of the smart watch wearer’s arm.


 A pedometer is a component in a smart watch that easily automatically measures how much you have walked.  It can also be called a step measuring device.


 It is also called height meter.  It is used to measure the height of an object above a certain level.

Top 5 brands of smart watch :

  1. 1.Apple
  2. 2.Samsung
  3. Fossil
  4. Honor
  5. Fitbit

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