What is ROM ? Full form of ROM

What is ROM ?

The full name of ROM is Read Only Memory.  Its data can only be read.  New data cannot be added to it.  This is a non-volatile memory.  Guidelines related to computer functionality are stored in this memory.

 Instructions to start the computer are stored in this memory.  Which is called “Booting”.  Apart from computers, washing machines, microwave ovens and other electronic devices are programmed through ROM only. The data remains available forever in this permanent memory.  Data is not deleted even when power is off.  This is also primary memory.

 ROM is written once and given by the manufactures only.  Therefore, no tampering with its data is possible.

Characteristics of Computer ROM

  • ROM is a permanent memory.
  • Instructions for basic functionality are stored.
  • Are readable only.
  • Are cheaper than RAM.
  • CPU is part of memory.

Different types of ROM –

  1. MROM
  2. PROM
  3. EPROM


 The full name of MROM is Mask Read Only Memory.  It is programmed in the device itself by the manufacturers.  MROMs are cheaper than other ROMs and provide the ability to store more data in less space.  Meaning its data store density is higher.

 2. PROM

 The full name of PROM is Programmable Read Only Memory.  Data is written once in this memory chip.  Which always remains intact.

 Special devices are used to write data in this ROM.  These are also called PROM Programmer or PROM Burner.  And the process of writing data in PROM is called PROM burning.


 Its full name is Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.  As is clear from its name.  The data available in this ROM can also be erased.  Ultra-Violet Light is used to erase data.


 The full name of EEPROM is Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.  Whose data can be erased by any electrical charge.  It is a little slower than other ROMs.

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