What is MS Paint?

What is MS Paint? and toolsof MS Point –

MS Paint is a graphics editing software that comes with Microsoft Windows.  It is used for drawing, painting and image editing.  It contains basic drawing tools like Brushes, Shapes, Pens and Text tools. Various colors, patterns and effects are also available in this.  MS Paint comes with a simple and user-friendly interface, due to which even beginners can use it easily.

Home Screen Tools of MS Paint :

 1. Pencil Tool – With the help of this tool a pencil-like symbol can be made.

 2. Brush Tool – Using this tool you can create brush-like lines.

 3. Eraser Tool – With the help of this tool you can erase the picture.

 4. Fill Tool – Using this tool you can fill any shape with color.

 5. Text Tool – Through this tool you can add text to the picture.

 6. Shapes Tool – Using this tool you can draw shapes like line, circle, rectangle, triangle, etc. in the picture.

 7. Crop Tool – With the help of this tool you can crop the picture.

 8. Eyedropper Tool – Using this tool you can check the color from the image and apply the same color to other areas using it.

 9. Selection Tool – With the help of this tool, you can select an object and drag, rotate, or share it.

 10. Zoom Tool – Using this tool you can change the area of the picture and view the picture from near or far.

How to learn MS Paint?

 You can follow the following steps to learn MS Paint-

 1. Open MS Paint on a computer that already has Windows installed.

 2. Find and click the MS Paint icon from the Start menu.

 3. Once the main screen of MS Paint opens, you will see the toolbar, color palette and canvas.

 4. By choosing a preset, you can use various tools in MS Paint, like Table cutting, Printing, Brushes, Templates and other functions using Toolbars.

 5. You can choose the color of your choice using the color palette.  You can apply color to the canvas using the included hand tools.

 6. You can define properties for your project by setting canvas size, resolution, and other settings.

 If you need more detailed information, you can check the Windows official support website or also watch useful video tutorials online to learn MS Paint.

Conclusion –

 Friends, we hope that from this article you would have come to know what is MS Paint and how to learn it .  If you have any question related to this article, you can ask by commenting below.  Share it with your friends.

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