What is Kali Linux? and some benefits of it :

What is Kali Linux?

 Kali Linux is a kind of operating system which is completely unique from other operating systems.  Where to go, here is an open source and Debian based operating system.  It is especially used in works like Penetration Testing, Security research, Computer forensic and Reverse engineering etc. but in today’s time it is also being used by hackers.  In Kali Linux, hackers get such features and tools that help them in carrying out their work.  Friends, it is used for wrong deeds but it can also be used for good deeds.  Kali Linux is open source, hence it can be used for free.  Kali Linux is also very helpful in finding vulnerabilities in the systems of some big companies.  Kali Linux is developed by Offensive Security Ltd.  Was developed through the company.  The first version was launched on 25 March 2006 with the name Black Track 1.0 but after some time it was changed to Kali Linux 1.0 on 13 March 2013.  Then many versions were launched continuously.  With continuous updates, new tools were added to it, due to which its usefulness increased further.  It has set the world of hacking on fire.  Hackers can easily complete their work through this because many of the software in it are available absolutely free.  Not only this, it is not necessary to install any type of antivirus in it.

What are the features of Kali Linux?

 Some features of Kali Linux are as follows-

 • Kali Linux is known for multiple language support.  Meaning, the user gets many languages in it.  Which they can use as per their wish.

 • More than 600 penetration tools are already available in Kali Linux.

 • Kali Linux is an open source operating system in which any version can be downloaded and used for free from its website.

 • Kali Linux is also better in security.

What are the uses of Kali Linux?

 Some uses of Kali Linux are given below-

 1. Kali Linux is very useful especially for hackers.

 2. You can simply check the security of any website or network through Kali Linux.

 3. Kali Linux is also used by Vulnerability Testers and Penetration Testers.

What are the benefits of Kali Linux?

 Some advantages of Kali Linux are as follows-

 • Many tools are already available in Kali Linux.

 • Any user can customize Kali Linux as per his wish.

 • Kali Linux also supports many types of languages.

 • With the help of Kali Linux, it is simple to search any type of file.

 • In comparison to other operating systems, the risk of crashing or going down is very less.

 • Kali Linux is open source, hence it can be installed and used for free.

What are the disadvantages of Kali Linux?

 Some disadvantages of Kali Linux are as follows-

 • No new person can use Kali Linux.  Rather, it can be used only by a person who has good information about cyber security, internet hacking etc.

 • It is impossible to play games and music in it.

 • Kali Linux creates many rust files.

 • In Kali Linux the user is not able to run the program as per his wish.

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