What is Icon?  Definition, types and all information about icon :

 You must have seen small symbols and pictures in devices like computers, smartphones, tablets etc.  You may have also opened programs or documents etc. by clicking on these.  But do you know that these small pictures and symbols made on the computer are called Icons.  There are many types of icons.  If you want to know about icons in detail then today’s article is going to be best for you.  Because in this you will know what is Computer Icon, how many types of icons are there and what are the main functions of icons.

What is an icon?

 A symbol or picture visible in the form of a picture in a computer or other device, which can be clicked to open a program or file, is called Icon.

 People in technology know an icon as a small selectable or non-selectable image that can be seen in a Graphical User Interface (GUI) or web page.  An icon is a small graphic appearing on a system interface that represents a symbol.

 In Icon, you can see computer related error message, File, Folder, Application, Shortcut, navigation menu or other symbols or pictures related to communication.  An icon is a way to present a small picture to the user in a computer or other device, rather than in word or phrase, which is more visually attractive than text.  The icon size can be any size.  Such as circular, rectangular, rectangular etc.  If the icon is a shortcut and an executable link, then a program, file, folder, web page, etc. can be opened by double clicking on it.

How do icons work?

 By clicking or double clicking on the icon on your system, a program, file or webpage etc. can be opened or executed.  For example, if you click on the “This PC” icon on the computer desktop, the File Explorer of your computer will open.  There are some non-selectable icons on the computer, clicking on which does not open any kind of program but it is a part of the system like Logo etc.

Why are icons used?

 Graphic symbols are easier to recognize on computers than text and phrases.  Icons attract users more by representing them visually.  Users find it more convenient and attractive to click on an icon or symbol rather than clicking on a text-based link.  For example, you prefer to use icons to open a program on your computer.

Types Of Icon :

 In a computer or other device, you will see different types of icons which represent an object or link etc.

 System Icons : These types of icons are created automatically when the OS or software is installed.

 Shortcut Icons: This type of icon contains an executable link of a program or file, folder etc. by clicking on which the program or file, folder can be opened.

 Program /Folder Icon: When you open any program or folder on the computer, you get to see icons of different types of data files inside them, which have their own special function.

 Taskbar Icon: In the taskbar below the computer desktop, you will get to see many clickable programs, by clicking on which you can open the program or data.

 Start Button Icon: On clicking the start button of the computer or laptop, many program icons will be visible, by clicking on which the program can be opened.

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