What is Google Meet? advantage and disadvantages of Google meet :

What is Google Meet?

 Google Meet is a video communication service launched by Google in the year 2017.  It was introduced by Google as a replacement for Google Duo which is used for video conferencing.  It works on Freemium model.

 Freemium means Free + Premium i.e. its services can be used for free as well as by paying money.  But if you use it for free, you will get very few features.  We will understand about this in detail further.

 Google Meet can be used not only on Android but also on iOS Platform and Web.  Moreover, there is no need to download any app to use it.  You can also use Google Meet with the help of Gmail App.

What is the use of Google Meet?

 The main use of Google Meet is online video communication.  With its help, two people can do video conferencing with each other through digital mediums.  With its help, a maximum of 100 people can be added to the video meeting you create and each meeting can last for 60 minutes.  You get all this for free.

 Apart from this, with the help of Google Meet, you can record video meetings, take advantage of live streaming and also control the entire meeting as per your convenience.  You have complete control of the meeting you start.

 If you take Google Meet Premium Subscription, you can also get the benefit of Background Noise Cancellation and YouTube Live Stream.  If you are a teacher then you also get the option of breakout rooms, live streaming, attendance tracking, Q&A, polls in Google Meet.  For this you will have to sign up for Education Plus.

Advantages and disadvantages of Google Meet :

 Every coin has two sides, Google Meet also has some advantages and some disadvantages too.  With its help, you can easily create a video meeting but many things are limited.  So let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Google Meet.

 The advantages of Google Meet are as follows:

 You can add up to 500 people to a meeting simultaneously.

 The free plan of Google Meet is much better and in it you get all the features you need.

 In this you get the option of background noise cancellation, so that video meetings can be conducted without interruption and hassle.

 For convenience, the facility of video call recording is also available, through which you can record the video meeting and use it as proof in future.

 You can also live stream the video meeting directly on YouTube.

 Unlike other video meeting apps, only the people you want to join can join, so there is no problem.

 Facilities like live streaming, attendance tracking, Q&A, polls are available for teachers and students.

While Google Meet has benefits, it also has some drawbacks.  Let’s take a look at the shortcomings of Google Meet:

 In Google Meet you are not given the option of in build whiteboard.

 Compared to other video meeting apps, the features provided by Google Meet are quite limited.

 Every person joining the video meeting has to manually approve it, only then they can join the meeting.

 Many times the screen sharing option gets turned on by mistake and we don’t even realize it.

 During the presentation, you cannot see the person you are talking to.

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