What is email? and its uses

What is email?

 Let us tell you that any letter which is sent through electronic medium is called email. Email means electronic mail, which was invented by Ray Tomlinson, an American programmer, in 1972 by sending a message between two computers.

 Email is a way through which we can send messages to someone, send photos, videos, audio etc. through the internet, if we try to understand it in simple language then email is a medium which helps with the help of internet.  It is used to communicate and share files with any other person.

 Email proved to be very convenient for sending any letter to any other person electronically, because it saved time, was secure and because it was absolutely free, it was used to send letters through computer.  He also became famous in a very short time.

What is email ID (Address)?

 Email address is the user’s address through which we can identify a user and send him an email, just as to make a call on any user’s mobile, we need his mobile number, in the same way we need to send an email to the user.  An email address is required.

Email History –

 Actually, email was started by Ray Tomlinson because in 1972, an American programmer named Ray Tomlinson sent the world’s first email from one computer to another through the Internet using @ and this is how email was invented.

 But after this Indian American scientist and engineer V.A.  Shiva Ayyadurai prepared a computer program in 1978 in which we could send emails by attaching all types of files and it also had the features of Inbox, Outbox. Today, the whole world knows this computer program by the name of email.  .

Uses of email –

 Let us tell you that email is used for very important tasks in our daily life, all the uses of email are given below.

 1. Message sharing

 Email is used to send very important messages to another person through the Internet.

 2. Digital Media Sharing

 Email is used to send visuals like photos, videos, audios etc. to another person through the internet.

 3. Document Sharing

 Email is used to send important documents like PDF files, program files etc. to another person through the internet.

 4. Security accuracy

 We can use email to send any such important documents with accuracy and security. Messages sent through email remain safe for lifetime.

 5. Ticket Booking, Account Opening

 We need email address for all the works like bank, school, college, train ticket booking, air travel booking etc.

Disadvantage of Email

 Just as email has proved to be very beneficial and useful for us, similarly there are some disadvantages of email which are written below which you must know about.

 1. Limited text

 We cannot email with text of more words, that is, we can send a limited text through email, by writing more text we cannot email at all.

 2. Need for technical knowledge

 Like a phone call, no person can do email very easily, but to email any user, we need technical knowledge, due to this, it is difficult for a common user to email in the beginning.

 3. Spam

 Due to email being a very popular medium of communication, spam, promotion related emails and many other types of useless emails keep coming which can disturb us.

 4. Internet required

 Without internet we cannot do email, email can be done only through internet, if we go to a place where internet is not present then we will not be able to take advantage of email at all.

Some famous free email companies

 In today’s time, if you want to email someone by creating a custom email ID yourself, then for this we have to buy a custom email by paying money, but there are some free email companies using whose services we can send emails for free –

 1. Gmail

 2. Yahoo Mail

 3. iCloud Mail

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