What is CorelDraw? and all important information about it :

What is CorelDraw?

 CorelDraw is a kind of graphic designing computer application.  It is quite famous here today, it is used in editing and designing graphics.  Besides, it has many features which are very helpful.  With the help of CorelDraw, logos and posters can also be created attractive.  It was manufactured by Corel Corporation in 1989.  Although it was initially developed in 1987 but was later updated as a software version in 1989.  Today, graphic designing software has become very popular here.  As of today, it is fully capable of supporting Windows and Mac OS.  There is a kind of suite here.  In which the user can do all types of work like graphics, layout, illustration, photo editing, tracing, web images, print projects, art, typography etc.  From time to time, new updates of Corel draw keep coming by Corel Corporation.  Due to which the user experience is further enhanced.

Information about CorelDraw tools :

 In CorelDraw, the user gets many types of tools.  Let us know about the tools in details through the following-

 1. Pick Tool – Through this you can select the object and adjust it to design as per your wish.

 2. Free Transform Tool – With its help you can simply control the object, that is, the tool here is very useful in rotating, skewing, mirroring and scaling the object.

 3. Attract Tool – With the help of Attract Tool you can simply reset your object.

 4. Eraser Tool – With the help of this tool you can delete any part of the object.

 5. Crop Tool – With this tool the graphic is cropped.

 6. Zoom Tool – With its help you can zoom the object, that is, you can enlarge the size of the object.

 7. Freehand Tool – Here the tool is very important with the help of which graphic designs can be created.

 8. Artistic Media Tool – This tool can mainly be called brush.  However, here it is very good for people with typography skills because through this they can change simple text into calligraphy text.

 9. Rectangle Tool – Rectangles are created by this.  Meaning sometimes a rectangle shape is required.  Because of which rectangle shapes can be created with the help of this tool.

 10. Ellipse Tool – With this tool in CorelDraw you can create designs like ellipse (long circle).

 11. Polygon Tool – With its help you can create polygons.

 12. Text Tool – With the help of this tool in CorelDraw, you can write and add text anywhere in your design.

 13. Parallel Dimension Tool – This tool is specially used to create dimensions and is used by civil engineers.

 14. Eye Dropper Tool – With the help of this tool in CorelDraw, you can select the color.

What are the benefits of CorelDraw?

 There are many benefits of using CorelDraw, let us know from the following medium-

 • It is very easy to move any object from one place to another in CorelDraw.

 • This is a very simple software, due to its simple interface it is very easy to learn.

 • With the help of CorelDraw, you can create many types of designs.

 • CorelDraw does not consume much RAM on the device.  Meaning it gets loaded into less memory.  Due to which the speed of the device also remains better.

 • In CorelDraw, users get many features with which they can create a unique design.

What are the disadvantages of CorelDraw?

 Some disadvantages of CorelDraw are also seen like-

 • CorelDraw is a 2D graphic designing software rather than 3D, nowadays everyone gives more importance to 3D instead of 2D.

 • A lot of time has to be spent in creating vector images.

 • First of all the user gets a trial version of CorelDraw but after some time he has to take membership in it.

 • Creating large size graphics in CorelDraw makes a difference in the speed of the computer.  Meaning the speed becomes slow.

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