What is coding? and How to learn coding?

What is coding?

 Definition of coding-: A set of instructions with the help of which any software or hardware can be controlled with the help of software, then such set of instructions is called coding.

 We can understand this in such a way that the process of writing a set of instructions in any programming language is called coding.

 When a person is writing some set of instructions using a programming language (like C, C++, Java, Python etc.) then we generally say that the person is coding.

 Here Programming Language is a language with the help of which an ordinary person can communicate with the computer.

 Just as we need to know Hindi, English, German, Russian or any other language to talk to another person, similarly to communicate with an advanced machine like a computer, we need to know programming language, it is sometimes called machine language.  Is also called.

 Coding is also known as Programming because broadly speaking both have the same meaning.  Although basically there is some difference between Programming and Coding, we can understand it in this way that the process of programming is called Coding.

 With the help of coding, you write a Set of Instructions which are easy for the computer to understand, and after this the computer takes actions according to your Set of Instructions and provides you the result.

When did coding start and who did it?

 Coding started with the origin of the world’s first programming language.  The coding work started as soon as the world’s first programming language i.e. Fortran was launched.  Fortran was invented in the year 1957, that is, about 65 years ago.  Fortran was invented by IBM and John Backus and from then onwards coding started.

 Why is coding needed?

 We need coding the most today, because if we look at today’s time, today’s era is a digital era in which Information Technology has a very important contribution and coding is an important weapon in Information Technology.

 Today, with the help of coding or a programming language, we can create different types of websites, create different online platforms, create different types of cloud storage platforms or we can create mobile applications and  In many other cases also, Coding or Programming Language can be used.

How to learn coding?

 To learn coding, you will need a strong will, because without strong will you will never be able to learn coding.

Learning coding is difficult but not impossible.

 The difficulty in learning coding depends on which programming language you are learning or under which programming language you are learning coding.

 But if you learn coding in any programming language or learn programming language, then for this you should keep the following things in mind.

 First of all you have to decide which programming language you want to learn.

 After this, you should also have some knowledge about the history of Programming Language, why and how it originated.

 After this, it is important for you to know about the software created with the help of Programming Language and other ventures which you will be creating.

 Now you have to start by creating small programs in that programming language, and test them all on the prescribed programming platforms to see what errors you have made.

 All those errors have to be corrected.

 While doing this, you will have to move from small programs to big programs, and you will have to take the help of whatever platform can help you in making big programs.  Such as Stackoverflow, CsTutorialpoint, w3schools, Tutorialspoint, Geeksforgeeks, javatpoint.com, YouTube, Linkedin, with the help of all these you have to move forward by strengthening your programming language.

 After this, now you will have to take a test of making a small project and complete it.

 Whatever problems you will face while completing a small project, you have to face all those problems and complete the project.

 After this you have to take a big project and start making it, after this you have to solve all the problems that arise in the big project and complete the project.

 In this way you can master any programming language and learn coding.

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