What is Amazon Prime? and what are the benefits of taking prime membership :

What is Amazon Prime?

 What is Amazon Prime?  In India, perhaps very few people know or know how to take Amazon Prime membership or what are its benefits.  Amazon.in is a part of Amazon’s Indian company which offers Amazon Prime service to Indian customers.

 When you buy a product online from Amazon, you will have to pay delivery charges along with its price.  But if you purchase the product under Amazon Prime, you will not have to pay this extra delivery charge or other charges.

 According to this service, after joining your Amazon Prime membership, you will get free delivery at your home address if you buy any product.  You will have to pay only the price of the product.

 In short, Amazon Prime is a service of Amazon company on joining which you will not have to pay extra charges for buying the product.

 This is a premium service of Amazon or you have to pay to sign up and take subscription.  But Amazon has offered free trial of Amazon Prime membership in India for the first 60 days i.e. 2 months, which is still available for 30 days i.e. 1 month.  After that you will have to pay to become an Amazon Prime member.

What are the benefits of taking Amazon Prime Membership?

Its best benefit is that after becoming an Amazon Prime member, you will not have to pay any extra charge like delivery charge apart from the product price.  Earlier you had to pay more to get fast delivery but now it will not be so.  You will get fast and FREE delivery as per Amazon Prime.

 Free One Day Delivery: There will be an extra charge of 100 rupees for the first one-day delivery, but after the Amazon Prime membership, you will get this delivery for free, but it will be delivered free only to the eligible address.

 Free Two Day Delivery: Earlier you had to pay extra Rs 100 to Rs 500 extra charge for one day delivery and two day delivery.  But after Amazon Prime membership, you will also get free two-day delivery.  Same day at eligible address.

 Discount Same-Day Delivery: You will get a discount of Rs.50 on Same-Day Delivery.

 Discounted Morning Delivery: Morning Delivery at Rs.  You will get a discount of Rs 50.

 Discounted Scheduled Delivery: You will get a discount of Rs.50 on Scheduled Delivery.

 Prime Early Access: In Amazon prime you will get early access or lightning deals on amazon.in.  This means that you get access 30 minutes before any amazon prime member or you can choose and buy the product from us 30 minutes before.  You will also get limited discount in this.

 Prime Exclusive Deals: That’s why amazon prime members will also get offers along with lightning deals.

How to Become an Amazon Prime Member:

 To become an Amazon prime member, visit Amazon.in site.  Here you will see the option of Try Prime near the logo of the Amazon site, click on it.  Now you will see the banner “Grab the best deals and get FREE fast delivery” and Start Your 30-Day Free Trial.  Click on this.

Step 1:

 First of all, open the Amazon site in your PC or if you are a mobile user, open the Amazon Android app or iOS app.

 Click on the Amazon logo to see Try Prime.

 Click on Start your 30-day free trial button.

 Step 2:

 Now the login page will open.  If you want to create a new account, click on “Create Your Amazon Account” or if you are already using Amazon, click on sign in.

 Your Name: Add your name.

 Mobile Number: Add your mobile number.

 Email Address: If you have an email ID, you can add it and this option is optional.

 Password: Choose the password for your amazon account.

 Continue: Click on Continue.

When you click on Continue, you will be asked to verify the phone number. You can verify the mobile number through OTP.  Only after you have become an Amazon Prime member, you can avail the benefits of Amazon free delivery or other features of Prime membership.

 This is free for one month so there is no need to enter any payment information like credit card or debit card information here.  After 1 month, if you have taken Amazon Prime membership, you can add your shopping card here.

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