What is Access Point?

What is Access Point?

 What is Wireless Access Point  is called (AP) in short, it is a networking hardware device, which is used for Wireless LAN Connectivity. That is, Access Point provides a wireless platform, by connecting to which you can connect to LAN or Internet.

 Access Point can also be called a bigger form of Wireless Router, which not only performs all the functions of a Router, but its Wireless Range is also very high, and it has the ability to control more Network Traffic.

Where is Access Point used?

 Access Point is used for better wireless connectivity in larger areas such as big corporate offices, colleges, schools or big buildings etc., so that good speed of Wireless LAN and Internet is maintained.

 For this, one or more Wireless Access Points (AP) can be installed according to any area, which are managed by the Network Admin from a place like Server Room.

 While one Access Point can be controlled directly, in case of more than one Wireless Access Point, the help of Centralized Solution i.e. Controller Software or Controller Hardware device can also be taken to control or manage them.

 This makes it easier to manage these access points, and policies can be set for wireless usage, such as allowing limited Internet data, opening or closing downloading, etc.

What is the difference between Access Point and Router?

 Both of these networks are wireless devices and the job of both is to provide wireless signal.

 Routers are used for wireless connectivity in small areas like small homes and offices.  Its ability to control network traffic and range is also less, which means it is generally used more in small networks.

 Whereas Access Point is used in big and large enterprises, its traffic control capacity and range is quite high.  Large Wireless LAN Networks can be managed by AP with the help of controller.

Brands of Access Point :

 Access Points are of many brands, the main ones being Ruckus, Ubiquity, Mikrotik, D-Link, Netgear etc.

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