What is a podcast? How does it works ?

What is a podcast?

 Podcast is a kind of blogging, just like we write articles and share it with people, podcast is also done in the same way.  A podcast is like a divine or mobile app.  In which we store any type of information in the form of audio and share all this information with people.  In podcast, we can put our voice in the form of audio, just as we record any video in our mobile or camera, in the same way in podcasting, only our voice is recorded, then we can share it with everyone else.  Can share with.

podcasting audio form:

 Any type of article which is in the form of audio is called podcast.  Just like you are reading this article.  It is in written form, just as podcasts are in audio form.  When we upload the podcast on any platform, the place where people listen to the podcast is called podcasting.

 Origin of the word podcast :

 “Podcast” is a combination of two words: playable on demand (POD) and broadcast.  Later it also started being used on other means on the Internet like websites, blogs etc.  Podcasts are characterized by the use of digital audio formats that are automatically downloaded by various software using RSS or Atom feeds.

Benefits of podcasting :

  • brand building
  • earn money
  • user engagement
  • brand building

 If your podcast is interesting, people will check your website again and again to listen to your podcast.  This way your brand will be built.

  • earn money
  • Sponsorship
  • Monthly Subscription Model
  • Sponsorship

 As the username of people listening to your podcast increases, you can earn through sponsorship.  This is the easiest and best way.  All you have to do is to tell your audience about any one product, in this way you can earn good money in return.

 Example: If you have a thousand people listening to your podcast, you can comfortably charge $10-$15 per sponsor.

Monthly Subscription Model :

 As your podcast grows you can use a monthly subscription model.  This means that you can pad your podcast.  Like you keep some 10 podcasts for free and after that you tell your audience that if you want to listen to further podcasts, you can buy a monthly subscription from me.  By telling about this you can use the monthly subscription model.

user engagement :

 If you have a blog or a website, you can double your user engagement with the help of your podcast.  The biggest advantage of podcasting is that as visitors spend more and more time on your blog, your SEO will also increase.

Benefits of listening to podcasts :

 There can be not just one but many benefits of listening to podcasts. Suppose you are going somewhere and you want to get information at the same time, then podcasts would be appropriate and not blogs and videos.  It depends on the user as to when and how he uses it.

When to listen to podcasts?

You can listen whenever you want, just as you listen to a song, you can listen to a podcast, meaning instead of a song, you listen to a podcast, this will increase your knowledge, apart from this, if you need any information then you can listen to the podcast.  You will get 2 benefits from this:

  • time saving :
  • You will get the information you need quickly, which means you can listen to the podcast anywhere, there is no time limit.
  • Where to listen to podcasts?
  • There are many platforms where you can listen to podcasts:
  • Google Podcast,
  • Apple Podcast,
  • Spofity
  • Anchor Fm etc.

On which topic should the podcast be made?

 Actually, you can make podcast on any new and such topic which is going on in trade.  Apart from this, there are many such topics about which you can give information to people by making podcasts.  We are going to tell you about some such better topics which are often liked topics.

  • Motivational
  • love story
  • Entertainment
  • news
  • technology
  • Personal
  • life hacks

 What is Google Podcasts?

 Any content which is in the form of audio is called Google Podcast.  POD (playble on demand) and broadcast which is directly related to audio communication. When any information is played in the form of audio from any device like computer, multimedia mobile, smartphone, then it is called Google Podcasting.

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