What is a fax machine? and advantages of it :

What is a fax machine?

 Fax Machine is a kind of electronic device.  Whose function is to send the document from one place to another.  It is especially used in business purposes because documents are sent electronically through it.  There is a special need for telephone network in this.  However, this process can also happen between two fax machines or between a fax machine and a computer.  Not only this, it can also be done through online fax service.  In all these processes the help of internet has to be taken.  What happens in a fax machine is that here the document is changed in electronic format and then transferred to another fax machine where its same photocopy comes out and internet is necessary in all this.  .

Who is the inventor of Fax Machine?

 The inventor of the Fax Machine is “Alexander Bain”.  He invented this particular famous technology in 1846.  Fax Machine is primarily a beautiful form of telecommunication technology.  Even today, it is widely used in many businesses and government institutions.

 What is the full form of Fax Machine?

 The full form of Fax Machine is “Far Away Xerox”.

What is the fax number?

 Fax number is exactly like a mobile phone number.  With the help of fax number the contact is connected to the fax machine.

How is faxing done?

 Friends, this question must have come in your mind that what does a fax machine do? So we will know about it in detail below, let us know step by step-

 Step 1. First of all you have to place the page in the input slot to send the fax.

 Step 2. Friends, you will have to enter the fax number of the person to whom you want to send the fax.

 Note :- Pay attention friends, you have to set the fax machine on transmitted mode.  The person who receives here has to be set to receiver mode.

 Step 3. When the document goes inside the machine, a light flashes inside.  Which shows here that the document is being scanned.

 Step 4. After this your document is simply converted into an electronic image and then through the telephone line the electronic image reaches the fax machine whose number you have entered in the fax machine.

Step 5. In the process after reaching here, the electronic image is printed as a document with the help of the printer installed in the fax.

 Friends, I hope you have understood all these steps, let us talk about its features.

What are the features of Fax Machine?

 Some important features of Fax Machine are given below, let us know-

 1. Fax Machine is a very good medium to send documents from one place to another.

 2. It takes very less time and after that the document also reaches the receiver safely.

 3. There is also a print option in the fax machine through which the document can be printed immediately.

 4. Landline is used in Fax Machine.

 5. To fax in a fax machine, a fax number is required.

What are the benefits of fax machine?

 Some advantages of Fax Machine are as follows-

 1. Many times it takes time to send large files through email, but through fax even the largest files can be sent in less time.

 2. It does not require any training, anyone can learn it simply by practicing.

 3. Communicating through a fax machine is very cheap.

 4. Use of Fax Machine is very safe in today’s time, there is no risk of malware and virus in it and it is also more secure here.

 5. Fax Machine sends the document to the person whose number we enter and not to any other person.

What are the disadvantages of fax machine?

 Friends, above we learned what are the benefits of Fax Machine, now let us talk about some of its disadvantages-

 1. Telephone line is very important in a fax machine and sometimes if the telephone line is down then there is a big problem in the operation of the machines.

 2. The fax machine also gets damaged after some time.

 3. There is no option of multi-tasking in the fax machine, in this only one work can be done at a time.

 4. The quality of documents sent through fax machine decreases.

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