What is a computer program? ,Career option in programming, types of programming and more :

What is a computer program?

 The set of instructions given to the computer to get any particular task done is called a computer program.  If you want to get any work done by the computer, then you will have to give it commands in its own language i.e. Machine Language.  These instructions are written in computer language i.e. programming language.  Programming language is a formal language designed for computers that the computer can understand.

 In other words, program means a series of commands to be executed by the computer.  The purpose of these commands is to direct the computer what to do next.

Types of programs :

 A computer program contains rules and instructions.  There are mainly two types of computer programs:

 1. Application Programs

 Word processors


 Data base systems

 graphics programs

 game programs

 web browsers

2 . Systems Programs

 operating system

 database system

 networking system

 Programming language software

 Web site server

 data backup

How does the program work?

Friends, it is very easy to know how a program works by looking at it, for any computer program it is necessary that you give commands to it in its own language.  The language that computers understand is called binary language.  And the language in which we give commands to the computer is programming language which is also called the language of coding.

 For example python, java, C++, etc.  We have to write computer programs to explain anything to the computer.  The computer converts this entire program into its own language i.e. binary language and after understanding it, responds to it.  This is how a program is created and this is how a computer program works.

Programming skills :

 Understandable: Whenever any program is made, it is most important that it should be understandable.  This means that whoever works on the program should keep getting information from different indexes while doing that work.

 For example, if address has to be input at any place in the program, then its address detail or something similar should be there.  So that the person understands that the address has to be input at that place.

 Affordability: It is important for any program to be able to collect data and information from various sources.

 Accuracy: Friends, it is important for any program to be accurate in its process and instructions to achieve its desired result in fulfilling its objective.  So that whenever a person enters wrong input while working on the program, he comes to know that he has made a mistake.

 Trustworthy: It is important for any program that it is trustworthy.  If someone makes a mistake while working on the program, come to his notice immediately.  So that the person can correct his mistake immediately.

 Comfortable: Friends, it is important for any program that it should be comfortable for the other person to work.  And all the instructions given inside it are arranged in such a way that there is no problem in working on it.

types of programming languages :

 There are many languages of programming.  Programming language is also called coding language.  Here we are telling you the names of some programming languages.

  • Javascript
  • C
  • Python
  • java
  • php
  • C++

Career opportunities in programming :

 In today’s time, there are many career opportunities in programming.  In today’s time, if you become a computer programmer, then you are seen with great respect in the society, apart from this, today is the time of modernity and everything is becoming digital.  In such a digital age, there is a great need for good computer programmers.

 Apart from this, the salary of a computer programmer is also very high and in such a situation, if you become a good computer programmer then you can earn crores of rupees in a year.  Apart from this, you can also get job offers in big companies abroad.  Apart from this, you can also work while staying in your country.  Here we are telling you some career options in programming –

Career Options in Programming:

  •  data science
  •  Database Administrator
  •  data analysis
  •  web development
  •  Front-end web development
  •  computer security
  •  computer network
  •  mobile app development
  •  cloud computing
  •  business intelligence
  •  user interface design
  •  Quality Assurance
  •  systems engineering
  •  Computer and Information Systems Managers
  •  Computer Programmer
  •  Web Developer
  •  engineer
  •  Video game developer
  •  Computer Systems Analyst
  •  Java Developer
  •  computer hardware engineer
  •  analyst
  •  Software Architect

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