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Hello friends welcome all of you once again friends in our new post, today we will tell you how you can take loan online, so stay friends, before proceeding in the post on our post, we request you to visit our post. Do read till the end so that you can get all the information related to this company, friends, today you can get more loan from the company I am going to tell you, so friends, if you want a loan, then you should follow this post of ours till the end. Must read!
 Friends, through this post, we will tell you how you can apply for this loan sitting at home, up to what amount you can get the loan and how much time you are given to return the loan amount.
 So stay friends till the end of the post
 Friends, in today’s post, we will tell you about Neem Cash Instant Loan App which is a company registered by RBI.
So friends, first of all let us talk about how much loan can be given with Neem Cash Instant Loan App!

Loan Amount

Friends, you can get a loan of at least ₹ 10,000 from here and if you want more loan from here then you can take a loan of maximum ₹ 100,000 from here, so you were given a loan of ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 100,000 from this company. May go !
 Friends, now we will talk about what percentage of interest you will have to pay on whatever loan you will be given from here!

Interest Rate

Friends, if you apply for a loan with Cash Neem Instant Loan App, then whatever interest you have to pay, it has to be paid according to the whole year and this interest can be from 20% to 30%. Friends, interest is charged on the amount taken by you, for how many days you take the loan.
 Now let’s talk that if you apply for a loan from this loan company, then how much time is given to you to return the amount given.

Tenur Rate

Friends, if you take a loan from Neem Cash Instant Loan App. So you are given a lot of time to get back the amount taken.
Hey friends, you are given at least 3 months to return the amount taken by this company. But if you need more time
So the company gives you up to 1 year
 Friends, if you take a loan from Neem Cash Instant Loan App, then what documents do you need?

Document Required

1. Friends, you do not need any special documents to take a loan with Neem Cash Instant Loan App
 2. But you have to give your mobile number so that the company can send you the necessary information by message
 3. You must have a valid Aadhar Card and PAN Card
 4. You should have your bank statement which is about 3 months old
 Now let’s talk about which Eligibility Criteria  you have to fulfill to take a loan through Neem Cash Instant Loan App

Eligibility Criteria

1: Friends, the first of this Eligibility Criteria  is that your age should be more than 18 years and should be less than 60 years!
 2: And you should get permanent citizenship of India to take loan from here, if you are not a permanent citizen of India then you cannot take loan
 3: And if you are doing your own business or business somewhere, then you will not be given a loan from this company!
 4: And if you work anywhere with a salary, then you can apply for a loan!
 5: And whatever your monthly salary is, it should come in your bank account!
 So friends, now we will do the most important thing that in the end how you can apply for a loan from here!

Apply Online

1. Friends, first of all you have to download Neem Cash Instant Loan App from Google Play Store.
 2. Now you have to create a profile by signing up with your mobile number
 3. After this you will have to show your Aadhar card and PAN card, which will know whether you are eligible to take loan by the company or not.
 4. If you are eligible then you can apply for the loan of your choice
 5. Now you have to upload all your documents
 6. Friends, after the completion of the whole process, you are given a loan.
 So friends, today through this post we have learned how you can take online instant personal loan through Neem Cash Instant Loan App from your mobile phone sitting at home
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