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Hello friends welcome all of you once again friends in our new post, today we will tell you how you can take loan online, so stay friends, before proceeding in the post on our post, we request you to visit our post. Do read till the end so that you can get all the information related to this company, friends, today you can get more loan from the company I am going to tell you, so friends, if you want a loan, then you should follow this post of ours till the end. Must read

Friends, through this post, we will tell you how you can apply for this loan sitting at home, up to what amount you can get the loan and how much time you are given to return the loan amount.

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Friends, first of all let’s talk about the loan amount given by this company, how much amount the company provides loan to you.

Healthy Loan App Loan Amount

Friends, you can get a loan of at least ₹ 3,000 from here and if you want a loan from here, you can take a loan of maximum ₹ 60,000 from here, so you were given a loan of ₹ 3,000 to ₹ 60,000 from this company. May go !

Friends, now we will talk about what percentage of interest you will have to pay on whatever loan you will be given from here!

Healthy Loan App Interest Rate

Friends, if you apply for a loan from Healthy Loan App, then whatever interest you have to pay, you have to pay it according to the whole year and this interest can be from 20% to 30%. Friends, interest is charged on the amount taken by you, for how many days you take the loan.

Now let’s talk that if you apply for a loan from this loan company, then how much time is given to you to return the given amount.

Healthy Loan App Tenur Rate

Bettr than a Loan. Bettr than a Card

Bettr Card is issued by SBM Bank (India) Ltd, in partnership with Bettr Credit i.e. the solution, owned and operated by Mvalu Technology Services Private Limited (“Bettr Credit”). Our singular mission is to enable financial success for the next billion through simple, transparent, and timely access to quality credit.
Bettr card is a new-age credit card designed for both physical and virtual world. A card that is always with you – in your wallet and on your phone. It is specially designed for those who believe in being financially smart to spend, save, and grow financially in a Bettr way.
Start your credit-building journey now!

What makes Bettr Card worth applying?

Ultimate emergency credit line

Get instant approval on ready to use a digital card
Works everywhere with the power of Visa Platinum.
Enjoy lower interest rates starting at 1.49 % per month*

Super Rewarding payment companion

Spend whenever and enjoy up to 51 days interest-free period.
Enjoy 0% interest rate for the first 3 months as an introductory offer.
Receive 1% cashback on your ALL spends
Guarantees credit limit upgrades and interest rate reductions every 6 months when you make timely payments.

Why Bettr App

Simple and easy to understand the mobile app.
Generate smart statements with no complicated jargon.
You can quickly view your balance, make bill payments, and redeem rewards all from the palm of your hand through one app.
Categorize your spendings and manage payment directly from the phone.
Stay safe and secure: If you misplace your card, easily disable, enable or block your Bettr Card.

Credit Card Eligibility

Age: You must be at least 21 years of age
Income: You must have a regular source of income
Bank account: You must have a savings account in your name when you apply for a credit card online
Creditworthiness: You should have a good credit history. No defaults on loans or credit repayments. Your credit-worthiness is often checked through a Credit bureau – so make sure your credit score is good

Documents: Must be having a valid KYC document for getting instant credit card approval.

How to enjoy Bettr Credit, you ask?

Download the app and let us take you on a Bettr journey. Apply for a credit card online and activate your card within 5 minutes! 

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